Violin Rental Information
Rental information for Violins
Students who chose the VIOLIN will need to set up a rental from the music store of your choice. Here is some advice on instruments:

At this level, since the students are still trying it out and figure out if they like the instrument and orchestra, we suggest you rent rather than purchase an instrument. We emphasize not to purchase an instrument unless the student is sized for a “full size”.  At the elementary level, most of the students are not fully grown yet.  Throughout their growth, they will be moving up in size for their specific instrument.

If you choose to purchase an instrument, we recommend not purchasing one from EBay or any online, non-registered string dealer, like "Discount or Big-Box Dealers" or retail stores.  The problem with buying an instrument from these places is you never know what you are getting for your money and your don't know the condition of the instrument or the tone quality.  It is impossible to test out the instrument or see if it is really what the advertisement is truly stating.  Students become frustrated if their instrument is not in working condition or doesn't have the proper "set-up", tone quality, strings, etc.

Local music stores:

Music Mart
550 Wilson Ave suite 102
Faribault, MN 55021
507 409 - 9900