Technology Integration

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Using the ISTE technology and ITEM information literacy standards, it has always been our media goal of integrating technology into our curriculum in meaningful and memorable ways. 
Currently, we are most excited about our new "ipad" technology and learning how to use i-works and award-winning apps for research and creating multimedia presentations.  Our students are embracing the 21st Century Super Skills called the 4C's--Communication-Collaboration-Critical Thinking-and Creativity.

Below is a snAPPshot of some of our projects: 

    Pic Collage is a popular app for presenting a student's learning. We have been creating pic collages connected to our visiting author's books and Minnesota animals.  Below are some samples of a collaborated project between 3rd grade and their kinder buddies.  After creating the pic collage, we used the collages in another app called Foldify to creating a "jing-jing jingle" cube. 

sleigh slide    lynx slide

   cube    canoe cube

        In other research projects, we took our pic collage and built in more multimedia effects using the Thinglink app. Below are two first examples created by media specialist and student collaboration as they learned together!
In the giant panda example below, we used the: WWF Together app for our introductory research on our endangered animal, Pic Collage to set up our Poster Background, and finally Thinglink to make it interactive with additional media including original video.
Check out Team Bamboo's Thinglink on Giant Pandas!

team bamboo   panda 

    Below, we used both the Thinglink and Morfo app for a 5th grade research project.  Change was the theme!  Explore this interactive image: LET'S GEOMORPH! Our Changing Landforms: Galápagos Islands.  See it now at:  

"I knew who I was this morning, but I changed a few times since then!" ~Alice in Wonderland
fjord morfo

    We also celebrated International Dot Day using the colAR (augmented reality) to share about a favorite book we read and quizzed on using the AR (Accelerated Reader) app to track our growth as a reader.  

         dot angi      sam dot


Our 1st stop motion video:  Marvelous Me!
"You're Smart!  I can tell just by looking at you!"  ~Ms. Brown

Our 1st i-movie:  Awesome Learning Club FIGHT SONG 2016--
"One word can open a heart!"  -Rachel Platten
Dedicated to Jefferson Jaguar Alex Walsh & MN Children's Hospital