Year of the Reader

For almost three decades, teachers of the Faribault Public Schools
have been bringing a Minnesota author to visit with our students.
 They inspire our writers and encourage all to read.  
Our author for 2015 is Mary Casanova.  

Please check out her website for more information.  
Please scroll down for our book order form-and for Jefferson's Dirk Yeller Jokes!  

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"I'll be back," yelled Dirk Yeller, "to check out more books!"
The people cheered.
Dirk winked, "And to see Miss Jenny!
Dirk Pic Collage  Casanova Wanter

Dirk Yeller did come back!  He married Miss Jenny! 
And most importantly, he always found time
to read a book with Fidgety Sam! 
Their new favorite is a joke book! 
Click on hello below for a fun joke 
featuring a few 1st graders.
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So, if you are a-itchin' and a-twitchin' to be a-smilin,'
mosey on down to our media center with your iPad or iPhone
and QR CODE a Dirk Yeller Joke!
  Here's another sample!
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for more from our 3rd and 4th graders!

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