Attendance Line

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When your child is absent from school (i.e. illness, late due to an appointment), please remember to call us. To ensure that our students are safe, the office staff will be contacting families, at home or work, when we do not receive a call. Messages can be left on our 24 hour voicemail any time of the day or night. Please call the attendance line by 8:30 a.m., 333-6501. When your child returns to school, a note needs to be sent to the office, indicating the nature of the absence. Students must report to the office for a pass if, for any reason, they arrive at school after the 8:15 a.m. bell. The Faribault Public Schools (FPS) Board believes that school attendance is important. Educators and parents must work together to prepare students to earn a living and to function as informed, critical citizens in a democratic and globalized society. The stakes are high. Regular attendance at school maximizes learning for all students. FPS has designed programs to support families and children in keeping children in school and combating truancy and educational neglect. It is the district’s obligation to have systems in place to work with children and families when children do not attend school.